A Logo Page for Chartio Posted on 2014-02-04 by Dave Fowler

Chartio has a relatively new logo, and isn't the most obvious to find. Frequently we'll be listed at an event or web site with an old logo, and I have a hard time blaming anyone for the oversight.

Last night I thought it would be interesting to make an entire page of the Chartio website dedicated to the Chartio Logo. I included the logo in many different formats, shapes, and color schemes for easy download and distribution.

Official Chartio Logo

Besides a logo we also have an icon. The icon and logo are never used together. The icon is simply used in instances where the image would be too small for the Chartio text to be displayed well.

It is rendered in SVG so is easily scalable to any size without increasing the size of the image. Everything on the dashboards in Chartio are rendered in SVG so we thought it'd be cool to make our icon that way as well.

The page ended up looking pretty cool:

Logo Page Screenshot