Chartio is joining Atlassian Posted on March 05, 2021 by Dave Fowler
This article was originally posted on The Chartio Blog

Chartio + Atlassian

Dear Chartio customers,

For over 10 years Chartio has been working with you toward our mission to JOIN teams ON data. We want to see a world where companies are truly informed and where anyone in a company (not just the data analysts) can intuitively query, visualize, and collaborate on the information that runs your business.

Taking a look at the data today - over 10.5 million charts have been created for 540k dashboards by 280k users pulling from over 100k data sources. That’s just incredible. Your usage, feedback, subscriptions, stories, and evangelism, have all fueled this and we’re enormously grateful.

Today we’re excited to announce that the next chapter for Chartio is joined with Atlassian! Late last year they reached out with a proposition for us to combine our efforts and join them in their more broad mission to Unleash the potential in every team. While we’ve been proudly independent for years, the opportunity to team up our technology with Atlassian’s platform and massive reach was incredibly compelling. Their product-led go to market, customer focus and educational marketing have always been aspirational for us. Over the past few months I’ve discovered even more similarities in their culture, values, care for the customer and most importantly mission.

Moving forward, our team needs to be singularly focused on the mission of delivering powerful cross-product analytics and visualization to the Atlassian platform. We will be communicating directly with our customers with details around the next steps for you and Chartio.

On behalf of the team and me, it has been and continues to be an honor to serve you. Please reach out and chat with your account representatives with any questions you may have. Thank you for all you’ve done and your faith and support in Chartio and our mission.