Cherry Picking With Mercurial Posted on May 23, 2013 by Dave Fowler

Merging a full branch in mercurial is quite easy.

hg update <target branch name>
hg merge <merging branch name>

But if you would like to just merge in a few of the revisions from a branch and not the whole thing you need to what is called cherry picking in git, but transplanting in mercurial. Transplanting isn't a default action in mercurial, but the extension to enable it does come by default. To enable the transplant extension open your hg config file

emacs .hg/hgrc

And add the line transplant= under your [extensions]


Now take a look at your logs to get the numbers for the revisions you'd like to move.

hg log -b <merging branch name>

Take note of which you'd like to merge and run

hg update <target branch name>
hg transplant -b <merging branch name> <rev1> <rev2>

As an example if we'd like to merge revisions 1156, 1157 and 1162 from the customers branch into default we'd use the following

hg update default
hg transplant -b customers 1156 1157 1162