Recap and New Years Resolutions Posted on 2009-01-01 by Dave Fowler

Happy New Year!! 2008 was a huge year for me. I quit IBM, moved to Palo Alto, went through Y Combinator, launched 2 big apps 8aweek (now temporarily shut down) and SocialBrowse. I lived the whole year in the expensive bay area off of a small investment and a small amount of personal savings all while working 14 hour days starting my new business. I spent nights sleeping on floors, and days with little or no sleep but immensely enjoyed every minute of it. I learned and accomplished an immeasurable amount but have even higher expectations for the next year.

New Years Resolutions are not like wishes. They are more likely to come true if you tell people, so here is my list broadcast to the world. Hold me to it!

  • No TV (including HULU)
  • No illegal downloading
  • Pizza Hut no more than once a week (I just can't quit cold turkey :)
  • Make something people want
  • Escape the rat race (need for money).

Some ambitious and strict rules! I think I can hit them though. The last one will be especially difficult, but that is after all the reason I do the things I do. Its going to be a big year.