Tripeedo - Flight Search That's Actually a Search Posted on March 03, 2009 by Dave Fowler

A couple brilliant friends of mine have recently launched a service called Tripeedo. Its based off technology they built for and basically makes flight search actually a search.

Current "flight searches" are less of a search and more of a painful process of filling out extensive forms. You have to click and specify where you're coming from, going to, departure date, return date, how many passengers and other details you might want to throw in.

With Tripeedo there's just a simple search interface and it just understands what you're trying to do. Its really a new type of smart search that I think will revolutionize how we interact with the web and forms.

I think its easiest just to show what's going on and then suggest that you try it out. Here's how I could set up a few search results using Tripeedo.


minneap to SF tomorrow return Sunday


2 tickets Boston Miami June 12 return 7/15

Its ridiculously smart. I can put in dates or city names in a variety of different formats and it just understands automatically. I don't even have to finish typing the city name! Tirpeedo updates its understanding in real time and will tell you by the time you're done typing "Min" that it knows that you mean "Minneapolis".

After you type in what you're searching for you simply choose which airlines and 3rd party ticket vendors (kayak, orbits, expedia) you want to search, hit go, and it will open a new tab the ticket search in each of the chosen engines automatically.

With their smart search technology they've taken an incredible amount of steps out of the painful process of ordering flight tickets online. I think they're on to something big. They're new and I like them a lot so I thought I'd spread the word!

Try it out.