Uninstalling the easy_install(ed) Posted on 2009-04-13 by Dave Fowler

Today I was switching from the Python Cheese Shop's version of the Twisted Web Framework to the trunk version. I'd previously installed Twisted with the handy

easy_install PackageName

Worked great! Unfortunately its not so obvious on how to uninstall... After some research I found it and am sharing it here so I wont' forget.

Simply use easy_install with the -m option

easy_install -m PackageName

Which will remove the installed dependencies. Then you can delete the PackageName.egg file that easy_install left behind. You may have to do some "locate"ing to find where it put the package as its different on every system.

Another hint is that easy_install creates a file easy-install.pth in your site-packages directory. That file lists the path to the various eggs you've installed with easy_install. In some cases you may simply be able to delete the path of your package in that file.