Wundrbar makes a Wundrful iPhone App Posted on 2009-03-10 by Dave Fowler

I have a lot of cool friends and a lot of other friends who try to be cool by owning iPhones. To those people I want to advertise a cool new App that was released in the store today by a few friends of mine:


Its called Wundrbar and basically gives you one click access and super easy usability for tons of web services out there. Using the web on a phone is super handy but super annoying. Wundrbar fixes the annoying parts.

Here's a list of a few things it does easily.

  • check airfairs and book tickets
  • easy buy on amazon
  • find low gas prices
  • public transport schedules
  • Lists top links of popular websites
  • etc. etc.

Read more about it at the link above on on this review. Its 70 apps in 1 at the low price of $1.99 which is like 3 cents per app so its for sure worth it!

If you want to be cool you'd better get it.

App Store Link